Everything you’ll need to make a radius map or travel time map

Make a map using an app

Draw a radius by selecting a maximum distance area
Compare radius to reachable areas by car or public transport
Export postcode data within a ‘travel time radius’ (an isochrone)
Edit the travel time map by transport mode, time of departure and maximum travel time area

How-to guides for radius and travel time mapping

Creating a geodistance shape using travel time
Filter points of interest using a travel time area
Step by step requests to create an isochrone using an API
Adjusting the time of departure and maximum drive time
Find out how far you can get in 15 minutes or more by car
Defining a goal before building an isochrone
Drawing a radius using KML files, Google Maps & more
10 ways to create a map with a radius layer

Learn the basics

A definition & real world examples

Compare a travel time area to a radius circle
Learn more about map use cases and the latest map news
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