We make locations searchable by travel time. We do far more than just calculate routes from A to B (though we do that too!). We enable thousands of locations on any website or database to be searched by the users’ choice of travel time and transport mode. We’re here when you or your customers need to know A to thousands of Bs – instantly.

For Example:

  • Locating the pharmacy you can reach before it shuts, using public transport
  • Discovering all hotels within 15 minutes of the airport
  • Finding a new office location with the shortest commute for all employees
  • Identifying which postcodes are most relevant to direct marketing and local advertising campaigns


Peter and Charlie began iGeolise from Peter’s attic in 2009. It is based on an idea Charlie had – that time would be more useful than distance to search websites and databases with lots of locations. Or as we now say ‘Minutes mean more than Miles’. In 2012, we won the UK leg of the European Satellite Navigation Competition and the ensuing press coverage led directly to our 1st client. More awards and many more clients followed.

After spells in the business incubators of SETsquared and the European Space Agency, we now have our own offices in London and Lithuania, and iGeolise software is used in many places across the world from Thailand to San Francisco.


Charlie DaviesCo-Founder/Director
Charlie had the original idea for Travel Time. His special gift is translating ‘geek speak’ into English for the rest of us.
Peter LilleyCo-Founder/Director
Peter is focused on returning value to everyone involved with iGeolise. And has enough grey hair for the whole team.
Louisa BainbridgeHead of Marketing
Louisa’s role is easy to state, but harder to do. She is ‘making us famous’.


Ace software engineer, mathematics genius, theoretical computer scientist … and speaks 8 languages. It’s all too much!
An expert in functional programming, machine learning & artificial intelligence – a very smart and practical man.
Masters in Computer Science and Lindy Hop devotee. He dreams impossible things, then delivers them. Time & again.
A musician at heart and with a brain for everything, Povilas builds software that accelerates our business.
Our dev-ops master – no code goes live without his say so. He’s responsible for making sure we run at full speed.


Simon Acland
Simon was a VC, but we don’t hold that against him. He’s also an author, a non-exec / chairman of lots of other companies, and lovely man.
John De Napoli
Within the media world, John has been there and done it. He’s also been our friend and advisor from day one.
Adrian Watts
Major travel expertise from years at Eurostar then thetrainline.com. Anyone who’s been to as many music festivals as Adrian, is alright by us.
Rich Clayton
Quite simply. the most gifted designer we know. And a great break-dancer (in his day).