Venn diagrams

What does TravelTime Venn Diagram do in a nutshell?

It identifies a geographical area that’s suitable for more than one point of interest. By overlapping multiple searches from different locations, visitors can find a middle ground suitable for all. It’s great for choosing a meeting point for friends, finding a location for the next family home or selecting a hotel that’s close to the beach and airport.

You can display the intersecting area on a map or use it simply to filter location search results. Each search can set preferences for mode of transport, time of travel, maximum travel time as well as other features.

Why use it?

  • Deliver relevant search results for groups of users and become the go-to search for socialising
  • Stop arguments between friends!

How it works in practice: Property search

Let’s say two people want to live together but work in different locations, they can search for a middle ground. On an estate agent’s website this feature means a couple can find a house that’s within commuting distance for both of them. It finds the best area even if they need to arrive at work at different times, use different transport modes and travel at different times.

Add this feature to a dating site so visitors can find a meeting place that’s suitable for both of them.

Where can I see this in action?

House hunting site Propertywide have a 2 person property search that showcases the feature, just enter your work location and one for the person you want to live with. Try it here now.