Upload Data

What does it do in a nutshell?

This feature makes it easy to upload your own location-specific data into TravelTime for analysis. We can take your existing data set so you can:

  • Overlay travel time isochrones (multi-polygon shapes that display where’s accessible ‘within X minutes’)
  • Create Venn diagrams to identify where the optimal location will be
  • Rank and sort locations by time
  • See which locations are closest in minutes rather than miles
  • Display routing and travel information to multiple points

How does it work?

All you do is create a CSV file with 2 columns titled ‘Label’ and ‘Postcode’. In the Label column, give each location a unique ID, and in the Postcode column add a postcode. Click ‘upload’ and the locations are automatically displayed on the map. If you want the individual travel time to each location click ‘send CSV’ and TravelTime will deliver the data to your inbox within moments.

How it works in practice: office relocation

Office relocations require careful planning when businesses need to retain their staff. To make the move go smoothly, upload all employee’s home postcodes to assess how the move will impact commute times. Using this data, you’ll be able to see the average commute time change, or just hone in on particular members of staff. If the move goes ahead, use the data to effectively communicate the impact of the move to each individual.