Round trip

What does TravelTime Roundtrip do in a nutshell?

This feature calculates the timings of a round trip. A round trip isn’t as simple as doubling one way – we’ve all been in commuter snarl-ups where the traffic is heavy in 1 direction but free-flowing the other way. TravelTime Roundtrip knows that one direction may take 15 minutes while the reverse takes an hour. It uses time-based data to assess which locations are most convenient, for example, which post office is best for the lunch hour dash?

Why use it?

  • If customers visit within a specific period of time – catch lunchtime shoppers and anyone on schedule
  • To make the decision process to visit the location a lot easier – they’ll be able to get the time for the round trip and route details all in 1

How it works in practice: lunchtime errands

Let’s say you’re at work, it’s 10 am and you’re in need of a dry-cleaner, but only have 30 minutes to spare. If a dry cleaner website has the TravelTime Roundtrip feature installed it’ll show customers which location is most convenient.  TravelTime Roundtrip knows it may take longer to travel one way than another, so it calculates the total trip time before picking the best option. This means you get the most relevant results even if one way takes 5 minutes and the other takes 25.

How it works in practice: meeting planner

A travelling sales executive may need to reach various locations during the day, so if one client cancels, they need to know who they can potentially visit in this opening without delaying their next appointment. UsingTravelTime Analytics they can identify a replacement meeting, that doesn’t affect the rest of their day.

Ideas on how to use TravelTime Roundtrip:

  • Classified ad search: customers can collect their items within a given time period
  • Click and collect: collect shopping within a time period
  • Appointment booking: schedule a dentist appointment that fits their work schedule
  • Tourism: show tourists how to squeeze in a theatre show between shopping and dinner
  • Restaurant finder: identify the best place customers can eat lunch within a time period