Journey Cost Calculator

What is Journey Cost Calculator? 

The cost of commuting varies drastically from location to location, and for people moving home or job, it’s a key factor in the decision-making process. Journey Cost Calculator simplifies that investigatory process by providing weekly, monthly and yearly season pass information, so users can be quickly and easily aided in deciding which location suits them best.

What it does

There are two key ways your customers can receive the calculated cost of a journey.

  1. If they don’t have a specific location in mind – for example, moving to a job in a new city, but haven’t decided on where to live – our TravelTime platform API allows them to choose a maximum travel duration and preferred method of transport. We’ll return results for all relevant locations within that timeframe, as well as providing the weekly, monthly or yearly fare costs.
  1. If your customer does have a specific destination in mind and knows exactly where they’re travelling to and from, we can provide simple A to B routing, as well as including the aforementioned weekly, monthly and yearly travel costs alongside.

How it works

Results are based on the cheapest fare available for the fastest method of public transport. Fare prices are based on the standard for adults. We can only calculate the weekly, monthly or yearly travel costs on reasonable commutes – but as an example, we aren’t able to calculate these costs for journeys over particularly long distances such as London to Edinburgh.

Where it’s useful


  • Prospective homeowners can view the weekly, monthly and yearly costs of commuting from areas they’re considering buying property, allowing for a more informed decision when balancing their overall cost of living.


  • Journey Cost Calculator can help job hunters decide if the location of a potential role suits their lifestyle. Providing the cost of the commute alongside their salary gives shows them the impact of the commute to their overall take-home pay for each position.

What’s coming up

Journey Cost Calculator currently covers all National Rail services nationwide, as well as all TFL networks within London. We’re always working on expanding; so expect to see localised services across the country soon.

Take a look at just a few of the extra features we’ll be implementing in the near future:

  • Weekly, monthly and yearly bus fares across the UK, not just London
  • Driving data, including parking costs
  • Searching by cost, to instantly find locations with the lowest priced commutes