Exporting TravelTime data with the postcode address file download tool

After creating a travel time shape (e.g. capture all locations that fall within 15 minutes drive from my store), you’re able to extract every postcode within that area into a CSV file.

Select from different postcode options for this data:

  • A list of all postcodes within your travel time area
  • The total travel time from each postcode to an origin (A>B route)
  • List of all postcode districts/sectors within an area
  • How much of that sector/district falls within the travel time area (%)
  • A KML file for your travel time area to upload into Google Earth

How to get the data using the postcode address file download tool:

  1. Create a travel time shape: for example, all locations that fall within a 30 minutes drive from London Bridge at 9am.
  2. Extract data: export full postcode data (e.g. SW3 1QE) or just the postcode district (SW3) or sector (SW3 1).
  3. Receive the data by email: data is received in CSV format and a KML file so you can create a map too.