Departure Time

What does the Departure Time feature do in a nutshell?

Many people have a specific departure time in mind when performing a location-based search e.g. which restaurants can I easily reach after work? We can help deliver location-based search results that fit with your customer’s schedule. Our departure time filter lets users specify when they need to leave, so they can see which results are suitable for that time of day.

Where could Departure Time work?

  • When customers want to visit a location immediately after performing the search
  • When customers want to find accessible locations nearby their work or school
  • Identifying the most convenient locations when an arrival time is know, like finding the hotel that’s closest to the airport and other transport hubs

Why use it?

  • Tailor search results for customers on a schedule
  • Ensure your customers can reach you on time
  • To make your customer’s decision-making process much easier

How it works in practice: Restaurant booking tool

A customer finishes work at 6pm and wants to find a restaurant within a 15-minute drive. They can search, filter and display suitable restaurant options, ranking them from quickest to the shortest distance using their selected transport mode. It also filters out all restaurants that will be tricky to reach in rush hour traffic which may traditionally have been suggested using a mileage-based search.