Arrival time

What does the Arrival Time feature do in a nutshell?

Your customers can filter location-based search results using arrival time to ensure they arrive precisely when they mean to. The platform uses the required arrival time and matches it with the most up to date and relevant journey information to deliver the best results.

Where would arrival time filtering work?

  • Conference accommodation searching: if attendees need to be at the conference venue at 9 a, where should they stay the night before?
  • Airport accommodation: if passengers need to check in at 4 pm, where should they stay?
  • Property search: if a house hunter wants a 45-minute commute or less to their home, where should they buy?
  • Theatre, cinema & entertainment – which shows can be reached before the curtain rises?

Why use it?

  • Tailor search results to customers on a schedule
  • Ensure customers can reach their destination on time
  • Deliver a planning tool as well as a local search – make their decision-making process much easier
  • Eliminate the need for customers to find their own routing information for transport. If they don’t need to visit another site, they won’t see your competition’s ads.

How it works in practice: Property search

Finding the right house is a balancing act of numerous factors, commute time being a big one. Property seekers can search by entering their place of work, arrival time and maximum commute time. The arrival time search will find any properties that fit the chosen criteria.