Working at iGeolise


iGeolise, Ltd. is a UK company responsible for the TravelTime Search API. It allows people to search geo data by travel time. We have 12 full-time employees across London, Kaunas, Vilnius and Krakow & return over a billion requests each month for over 100 clients worldwide.

Our Search API clients can rank and sort thousands of locations by travel time for their users. For example, when compared to traditional ‘as the crow flies’ radius search, the TravelTime Search API shows you points of interest that are actually reachable within a 45 minute travel time using various modes of transport. You can check how one of the biggest UK’s recruitment company is using it to return better recruitment results here.

Teams at iGeolise have a flat hierarchy. We have an unrestrained work schedule and you can work remotely as long as you are okay to work from 10/11am-ish to 18/19-ish in GMT+2 and attend daily 11am online standup meetings. Also all of us meet in Kaunas office up to 3 times a year.

Open Vacancies


Kaunas, Lithuania (Remote working possible)

We’re looking for a mid-to-senior level functional programming developer who is interested in developing new products. The successful candidate would develop client facing travel time analysis tools and create an application that can demo the Search API. They would join the product team based in Kaunas alongside three other team members working on these projects.

Our Search API already processes more than a billion locations a month and has an average response time of 900 ms when sorting up to 1000 locations within a 3 hour travel time area. To return these results at scale we use Scala, AKKA and Play Framework. The new front-end applications and analytics apps take advantage of our core technology and are written using ScalaJS and React.

Skills required

  • Experience with functional programming or Scala
  • Understanding the benefits of purely functional code, immutability, encapsulation, choosing the right data-structures, asynchronous code organization and testability
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript experience is a plus
  • React knowledge is a plus

Salary & benefits

The salary is up to €48,000 per year before taxes. In Lithuania, this would be around €2,300 per month after taxes.

We also offer employee stock options, gym subscription, remote work with a flexible schedule and any equipment you would need for work. All this is possible if you’re okay to work from 10/11am to 18/19 in GMT+2 and attend daily 11am online standup meetings. We also have team gatherings in Kaunas office up to 3 times a year.

So, you want to apply?

Great! Send something about yourself (a CV, LinkedIn profile or just a short letter) and a solution to this task. Push your solution to a private Bitbucket repository and give read access to ‘igeoliseops’ user. Email the link to your repository to The solution must be written in Scala and adhere to functional programming principles (no vars, no mutable data structures, etc.).

Refer a friend

Know someone that would be interested in this role? We’ll pay you a bonus of €1,000 if your referral successfully passes the 3 month trial period. To gain this bonus simply introduce or send potential applicants to